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Portrait of Sam and memories
my Dad put that Scorpion in there some fifty years ago. My wife put that butterfly in there a couple years ago.

When I was in scouts my Dad carved some really great neckerchiefs. That jar is filled with Sharks teeth that my wife collected on the beach near the house she grew up in. I think those tiles on my neighbors house were made with asbestos.

during a treatment my acupuncturist froze and told me that she just saw a really big bear, that I didnt need to be afraid, it was there for me.

I hit an owl in south dakota. a small prairie owl. I didn't know what it was until it turned its head around and looked at us. The strange thing was how many there were, they were everywhere.

To that owl, I hope it is alright. and eating lots of mice.

Child ballad #98 St Stephen

stephen asked king herod if he could be released from his services. why? The king of the jews is born! king said nonsense, or a rooster will crow. rooster crows. he takes stephen to the desert and stones him to death.

leaky corner of my studio at 3711 roland

Found that rock in Bolivia, near some jungle gold mines. And that bee died in my window.

Portrait of Adam Robinson
for his book "Adam Robison and other poems by Adam Robinson" published by Narrow House

Battle Paintings
with spring bud and plastic cow

SEF Battle Paintings coral and little stone blocks meant for chilling your bourbon

Wedding present of the Wedding envelope For Rose and Nick's wedding invitation.

Energy and a rock
my windowsill at the H&H

Self Portrait as Teddy Johnson

Rusty basketball hoop shrines the painting on the left to weigh against the rest

Burning, Sinking Ships

This was the phone for the intercom and door buzzer. It doesn't make sense.

ONIONS and chilis

Sleeping Rachel


My one room apartment at its best

The hallway in my one room apartment